The New Wave of Information Flow 

The business environment is Darwinian, and the fittest are the ones who thrive. In a sea of price tags, how can your quality ride the crest?

Liquid Line has your solution.

Communication needs to flow in line with your corporate strategy and brand messaging.

We are a boutique marketing and communications management firm that is built “backwards.” Our partners started as professionals on the receiving end of public relations statements, press releases, thought-leadership and branding efforts. For years, we consistently received substandard submissions and materials—sometimes from the most prestigious businesses in the nation. We knew companies should be getting better service.

Now, we’re turning the tide and using that knowledge to promote clients that are pushing to the top of their industries. We craft the highest-quality PR output for businesses that want to be recognized as thought leaders and product frontrunners.

• We craft top-quality content that puts your company out front in thinking and communicating.
• We know what publications want from writers.
• We increase your visibility and improve your image.
• We get to know your critical business advantages and promote those in the right venues.

Liquid Line is more than a mouthpiece. We are your public relations artists.

We meet with you to determine what you want the public to know, which people you want to showcase, and the best places to bring you and your current and potential clients together.

Liquid Line is a financial services industry specialist, serving:
• Insurance companies
• Insurance agencies and brokerages
• Employee benefits providers
• Insurance claims companies
• Financial planners, wealth advisors and portfolio managers
• Software and hardware developers
• Research and advisory firms
• And more!

We welcome you to the new wave of information flow at Liquid Line.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping our clients create a flow of information to their industry, clients and potential clients that is clean, clear and constant.

Company Profile

We were born out of a dedication to create the flow of communication for companies eager to be seen at the top of their game.

You know your business inside and out; we know how to turn the message around and help your customers and potential customers get it. It’s that simple. With an impressive team of communications, marketing and design professionals, Liquid Line is uniquely positioned to deal with technology and messaging while our clients are freed up to do what they do best. We simply take the worry and frustration out of the picture. No need to waste your time on top-heavy firms using old-school tactics that are costly and miss the mark. Our team knows media, technology and content creation. We cut through the nonsense and get your message flowing quickly with precision.