Communications Excellence

Like the droplets that together form an ocean, so too is the result of great communications. It combines to form great influence.

Some agencies will take a so-so topic or idea, create a mediocre article and try to pass it off to a media source for publication. Sadly, some will take that milquetoast piece and publish it, and then your company brand suffers. Communications Excellence

Liquid Line specializes in the kind of  thought leadership development and integrated communications strategy that turns your company’s individual strengths and resources into powerful editorial messages. Whether you’re looking for overall corporate communications program development, social media content or press release creation, we cut through the flowery nonsense and fluff to craft content that communicates the right message to the right people at the right time. Beyond what you may have experienced with old school, ineffective agencies, we make sure your messaging flows and is worthy of your brand. Our experienced team of insurance industry pros get things done more efficiently and with a creative edge unmatched by other agencies. When you have a story to tell, we can get the message out while it is fresh to the right source making your company relevant and respected.

Once content is created, it can be purposed in multiple ways to benefit your company’s market position. We know content and we know media—both print and digital—and can help you to use strategically your intellectual property to your best advantage.

Strategy Development and Execution

From overall brand strategy to logo development to collateral creation, Liquid Line creates print and digital content and materials that are eye-catching and fresh. We work with you to turn your company character and vibe into clearly executed campaigns that communicate and connect with your current and potential clientele.

If you’re ready to get flowing, see our package pricing or request a custom package for your needs.

If you want to add fluidity but need more information, contact Liquid Line today for a consultation  to see how we can work with you to improve your company’s: